Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Millennial and a Cat?

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately talking about the Millennial working population, or lack thereof. The gist is that Millennials don’t want to work hard, but still want to have shit loads of cash just thrown at them (so far this is all true, let’s break with reality). Throughout these readings, a singular thought occurred to me: “When behind a black curtain, could I tell the difference between a Millennial and a cat?”  The result has led me to the following quiz. Please take it, and post your amount of correct answers on social media and in the comments below. I will legitimately make this into a graph.

Yes Toby, we understand that you need sleep, but The Pattison Chronicle does not tolerate failure. 


Rhapsody contributes nothing to society other than the occasional hairball...


 Honestly I've experienced this one from both...


Professional development requires opposable thumbs.


Remember to post your results and share this quiz with your friends. Maybe we could pay Millennials in wet food?

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